Coronavirus tests


Federal Office of Public Health

Tel. +41 58 463 00 00
Daily from 6am – 11pm

Contact Tracing Team Graubünden

Tel. +41 81 254 16 60

Corona tests for children

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Appointment smear test

Online diary for PCR corona tests and corona rapid tests

PCR Covid-19 tests and Covid-19 rapid tests are carried out at the Upper Engadine Hospital. Containers are available as test locations in front of the hospital entrance to ensure that the tests are carried out safely, and the staff apply special protective measures.
Online registration is mandatory.

Rapid antigen tests with certificate (until 10.10. the costs are covered by the federal government in accordance with the current ordinance, from 11.10.2021 they will be subject to a charge).

AG rapid test with certificate (from 11.10.2021 CHF 50.00) at your own request, without symptoms:

  • e.g. for border crossing, concert, event, restaurant, museum, indoor swimming pool, cinema, fitness centre, etc.
  • Entering Switzerland with compulsory test after 5 - 7 days

AG rapid test with certificate (according to federal test strategy) without costs, with or without symptoms:

  • after request Contact Tracing/Cantonal Doctor/Swiss Covid App.
  • Close contact with Covid-19 case
  • Early termination of quarantine
  • Visiting health facility
  • Children and adolescents under 16 for travel etc. (possible with certificate)

Please make an appointment online for a rapid test. Depending on BAG legislation, costs may apply.
If your rapid test is positive, you must also have a PCR test performed.

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PCR tests:

  • Do you have symptoms such as cough, fever, etc. and/or have been asked by the Contact Tracing Team/Cantonal Doctor Graubünden to take a Covid 19 smear test?
  • Is your self-test from the pharmacy positive?
  • Is your rapid antigen test positive?
  • Do you need a PCR test for a flight? Please choose an appointment 48 h before your departure. (Cost CHF 156.00, payable directly at the reception of the hospital) If you do not receive a result/certificate in written form within the deadline, please call +41 81 851 81 11.

Then please register for a PCR Covid-19 test at the Upper Engadine Hospital. Registration in the online appointment calendar before your visit is mandatory.

Make an appointment now

You will receive an appointment confirmation by e-mail. Together with the appointment confirmation you will receive a link to a questionnaire. If possible, please fill in the questionnaire at home and bring it with you. On the corresponding date, please report to the entrance area of the Oberengadin Hospital. If you have any further questions about the Covid 19 tests in the Upper Engadine Hospital, please call the hospital reception on +41 81 851 80 19. If you have any questions about contact tracing, please contact the Health Department Graubünden directly, or the Contact Tracing Team Graubünden on +41 81 257 88 10.

Procedure for children:

Procedure for children and adolescents up to their 16th birthday from Monday to Friday:

If your child has symptoms, please call the Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine Practice directly on +41 851 88 02. We will be happy to arrange an appointment with you in the practice.

Procedure for children on Saturday/Sunday/holidays:

Please register the child by their 16th birthday with symptoms or for a Covid-19 smear test directly via the online Covid-19 portal on the website. You will then be served in the container.